Monday, November 21, 2011

Recycled Glass Bottles

I am a big fan of glass. All kinds, clear, colored, textured, whatever it is, it is a beautiful medium to work with and I have always gotten great results for mosaics, glass totems, bottle lights and the like. If the glass is recycled, that is even better!

Well, thanks to my Grandma, I have received one of her used kilns from her ceramic shop as she has now closed it down. This gift has expanded my options for using recycled glass. I can now "melt" glass bottles into dishes and trays among others things. I am still experimenting with the kiln to perfect the melting process, but the ideas are a plenty out there for projects to do. Below is a video that has given me much inspiration for a lot of future projects. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to Bryan Northup for the great ideas!

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