Thursday, July 14, 2011

Garden Glass Art

I am always looking for new and interesting projects to do. Recently I came across what was called Glass Totems at a local consignment shop.

These Glass Totems or Garden Glass Art are basically clear and colored glass vases, bowls and plates stacked to make a beautiful piece of art to sit in your flower garden. After closer inspection of the pieces, I knew this would be an easy and awesome project to do.

After collecting some pieces for The Sale Barn, Goodwill and yard sales I was ready to make my first piece. A larger heaver piece was used for the base to give it the totem some stability, then the rest was stacked up. I chose red as the accent pieces between some clear and clear frosted plates and a red Avon Cardinal was used as a topper.

After doing a test stack, I glued the glass together using some clear, waterproof silicone sealant. It took 6 hours for the silicone to set and a full 24 hours till it was fully cured. At this point I could pick the whole unit at the base and it was structurally sound. I was also pleasantly surprised that it was not really that heavy! After some time out in the elements I was very pleased with the beauty and confident that it would not fall apart.

This is a very simple and cheap project that you can do. You can have many pieces going at the same time with a healthy supply of glass. The silicone was most of the cost of the project, but the total cost was below $4.00! The totems that I had seen were selling for around $25 - $30, so a good profit for you crafters out there!

I hope you enjoy this project and would like to hear how making them worked out for you! Good Luck!!!

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