Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Stained Block

For the last few Christmas's, we've always wanted to make the lighted glass blocks. I am sure that you have seen them. They are quite stunning when all lit up.

So, this year I got everything together to make them. The first big obstacle was to drill a hole in the block. The first drill bit I used was just a carbide tip drill bit and did nothing to cut the glass and after awhile it just got the glass so hot, it cracked the glass.

Back to the drawing board I went. Eventually, I found some diamond tip hole saws that got the job done lickity split. Just make sure you keep squirting water on it while it is drilling. I then used my kitchen sink spray hose to clean the glass residue out of the inside of the block.

My first idea was to use the stained glass paint I had found at Michael's. But for a single coat the light was to strong for it and you could not see it. After many attempts at painting on it, I finally got some results that looked good. I think in the future, I will just do the ribbon wrapped around it. But I did see some nice ones that had little scenes built on them that I may try next year.

Anyways, while I was doing the painted blocks, I got an idea to do a block that was covered with stained glass. I just snipped some glass that fit into a picture that I had printed off and then glued them to the block. After I got all the pieces on, I then used black grout to set them off and to make it look like a stained glass window. I believe it turned out well. The picture is below and as with most mosaics, the picture does not depict an accurate representation of the object.

I am quite happy with the results of the stained glass on the glass block and I am now in the search of different lights to use on the inside, instead of a string of Christmas lights. So give it a try and if you have any questions, please ask.


Denise said...

Hi, Your light is very nice. I am also looking at doing these blocks I am also going to try to so it with wine bottles. You said you seen them with pictures or sceneries on them. I was wondering if you knew how to make a homemade artwork transparent. And then to put it on the bottle or block. I also do glass etching and I think that would look very nice also.

Any info please

Scott said...


First let me apolagize for taking so long to resopond to your comment. To say the least I have neglegted this blog for awhile now.

I am sorry I can't help you on the homemade transparencies. I have not done it or seen it done. Sorry.