Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My First Project!

My first project was definitely fun, but also taught me alot about mosaics.

When I started doing mosaics, I got the basics and was ready to go. I started by making somthing simple, a house number sign. I bought some supplies at the local Michael's and got started on my project.

The first obstacle was finding a glue that worked good and would last out in the weather. After many trials, I have found that Liquid Nails for Small Projects (clear) works great for all my projects and then I don't have to worry about if it goes outside or not.

Once I had the correct glue, everything went according to plan. But the end result was a little disappointing, as I wrongly predicted the outcome of the shade of the grout. A note here to everyone, do not use white grout, unless it is needed for the scheme of the project.
Below is the final result of my first project. It didn't turn out too bad, just needed better color coordination. Let me know what you think.


Rachel. said...

Hey Scott !
I saw you on Amars site ( Jenny's sooo cute !!) and while checking out this blog, you gave me more ideas for DYWTAM which you might be able to do too if you wanted...

You can often pick up nice plates with faults or broken (or even perfect ones) for free.
I've been clipping these into mosaic tiles and I'm going to sell them.

Also Beach Glass is very popular on eBay. If you live near one of the lakes you can make quite a bit from a walk on the shore !

Thanks for the ideas !!


Doubling Challenge

Scott said...


Thanks, Jenny is my sweetie!

I have actually been buying them for my own use, but you are correct, it probably be a huge profit. I may try it, thanks.

I wish I lived near a beach, maybe after I complete my doubling! I haven't worked with beach glass yet, but I am sure I will in the future.

Talk to you soon, Rachel!

PS - Sorry it took so long to get back to you, big ice storm knocked out power for a few days.